The Dark Mire

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Continent: Altarian Region: Aundair

Our adventure began in the outskirts of the Vesslin Woods. Our Heros, in pairs were both searching the woods for a stolen dress from the Nobleman J. Grates. Group A (with whom are unaligned) took the quest to acquire some cash as they passed through. Group B (tony,mark m)who are good natured decided to take on the quest to provide a service and obtain a little cash while doing so. No one really expected or cared whether they would find the dress, but both groups were desparate for adventure. Amist goblins that have recently taken refuge in the trees, Group A and B ran into eachother. Just as Group A was about to attack, more goblins emerged from the near by trees. This created a union between groups. They have successfully slain the goblins and to their shock, the dress is occupied by a young girl.

The girl is going to fight the group, desperately trying to avoid being taken back. The hope is that the group will head to town to understand why. As the town is not far away, it wont take much effort for the group to arrive.

Welcome to your Adventure Log!

The group made it to Fairane. Tony’s character got into an argument with the guards so he was admitted into the town late. Dave, getting frusturated with the inaction of the group decided to take the unconscious girl (Veronica) to Berwick’s Manor. Berwick refused to acknowledge that there was a girl in the dress. Jeff’s character snuck in as the group entered, stole some items upstairs. Eventually Veronica attacked and killed Berwick. Jeff and Veronica had a dispute as to what to do with the slave bracers. Tony and Mark freed the remaining slaves and put them up at the inn for the night. After Veronica Mark and Tony discovered that Magical cantations was closed they headed to the bar. Everyone met up at the bar. Dave revealed to Tony that Jeff had been introduced to a quest- a missing man by the name of Fredrick

Welcome to your Adventure Log!

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